BringCom collaborates with Djibouti to revitalize teleport

Leading African communications technology provider, BringCom, and local Djibouti partners expanded their business relationship by establishing a new private company called Djibouti Teleport SARL, to renew and manage the daily operations of the Djibouti Teleport facility.

Under the contract, BringCom will be Djibouti Teleport’s managing partner. The agreement also includes necessary upgrades to the Djibouti Teleport, such as backup power, new buildings, security hardware and an iDirect hub to create a first-class teleport facility in the African region.

Moreover, Djibouti Teleport will also offer competitive international connectivity using five high-capacity undersea cable systems connected to the facility. BringCom commissioned trained teleport technicians to help the experienced Djibouti Teleport staff in delivering round-the-clock teleport services.

In a statement, BringCom President and CEO Fabrice Langreney said: “This agreement is a significant extension of BringCom’s capabilities to serve the requirements of customers in the Middle East and Africa. We are very fortunate to work with an extremely forward-looking group of Djiboutian shareholders. This relationship will allow us to revitalize the Djibouti Teleport in a way that makes it well-suited to a great number of potential users.”

At the moment, Djibouti Teleport provides Apstar 7 Ku-band connectivity with a 7.3-meter antenna and C-band connectivity with a 16-meter antenna. Both antennas have been restored and upgraded with new electronics. Additional antennas and equipment are currently being installed and would be available shortly.


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