RT Logic debuts new products for satellite control centers

RT Logic, a subsidiary company of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, announce the launch of its two new products aimed at developing economical satellite control centers. Based on a “software only” architecture, the Software Front End (FEP) and the Software Gateway promises to be a game changer as it will take the place of hardware/software appliances used in today’s industry.

With the help of the two state-of-the-art products, it lessens the need for physical space, power and cooling requirements, as well as costs and complexities that come along with constructing satellite control centers. In a satellite ground network control center, the Software FEP connects the Command & Control system to an encryption/decryption (COMSEC) device, while the Software Gateway connects the COMSEC to a wide area network (WAN). Together, the FEP and Gateway transmit commands to, and receive telemetry from, a remote ground station communicating with a satellite.

FEP and Software Gateway support virtual machine environments and removes the need for custom drivers, firmware and hardware cards, hence achieving platform independence. Both RT Logic products are scalable and support blade-server architectures, allowing them to match the expanding requirements of satellite constellations as they increase over time.

In a company statement, RT Logic Business Area Manager Matt Prechtel said: “RT Logic’s new software-only solutions address the major needs of customers today, including ease-of-use and integration, reduced upfront and lifecycle costs, flexible configurations, and program-friendly licensing models.”

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